Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Sad T___T


just now, my dad, cousin and me went out to pay a visit to one of my dad's friends at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya. after that we ate at a restaurant around Uitm Shah Alam. when we parked the car, i saw a girl standing in front of our car. and when i came out of the car, slowly she came to me and asked me RM10. She seems to look like she is ok but actually she's not. she asked the money to buy some food. that what she said. at first i just like so confused and i just ran to my dad. my cousin asked me why. at first i said nothing but then when i saw that girl still stand there i just feel so guilty. then i told my dad about what happened. he asked me to give the girl the money and i followed my dad's adviced and turn back to the car and give her the money. after that, my cousin and I looked back and saw her walking slowly to the stall. she might be really want to buy foods but had no money. i still remember, she's wearing green baju kurung with long hair. i really hope i can help her with my best. thanks to my dad for the advice. it seems to be useless if there is only sympathy without the empathy. i hope she really use the money i gave her to buy the food and not to do something bad.

from what i observed, the girl looks like a student. maybe she's still study somewhere there. and she maybe really doesn't have any money with her. T__T after the incident, my cousin said that my eyes is all watery... huhu... i'm not crying ok. it's just that i feel so sad for her. i wonder what made her become like that? is it because of her study? or is it because of stress or what? i'm so confused... at my uni also there's few of the students there were like that. i don't get it. what make them be such a person? what make them so stress until they did something abnormal? for all students out there, please and please, don't stress out yourselves. it's not a good thing. please... if any of the reader face this kind of problem here's a few tips you can use to relieve your stress. hope it will help you in any way. and i hope no one will get hurt... take care k. u all are like my family and i can't see any of you in that kind of state. it make me hurt. so, take care yah...

Check Out These Stress Management Tips for College Students

#1. “Healthy body, healthy mind”, the saying goes, and this holds especially true in a stressful situation like college.

#2. Eating right and exercising regularly can do wonders for a college student’s state of mind. If that is not enough, you might like to consider yoga.

#3. Yoga is the use of posture to reduce stress. Bear in mind, though, that some church-run colleges frown upon the practice due to its Hindu origins. In recent years, some Christian yoga DVDs have come on the market combining yoga disciplines with traditional Christian prayers, so these may be considered more acceptable.

#4. A major cause of stress for college students is the feeling that they are on their own, compared with the sheltered environment of living with their parents or legal guardians. Whilst it would be foolish to pretend that family life is without pressures (holiday stress management tips deserve an article all to themselves!), keeping in touch with your family can help reduce this feeling of isolation.

#5. There are also new social connections to be forged on the college campus itself. Fraternities, sororities, clubs and societies can help you connect with people who have similar interests to yours. These networks often continue later into adult life and can help you in the future when it comes to finding a job etc.

#6. Another common stressor at college is the fear of doing too much and losing track of all your classes, exam and assignments. Make sure that you create a detailed schedule and stick to it.

#7. Be sure to give yourself plenty of wiggle room when it comes to the timing of each task. You never know when something unexpected is going to crop up and mess with your carefully thought out plans. If you build in extra time, these surprises will cause you far less stress than they would otherwise.

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