Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Safety on The Road


This gonna be a very short entry. I just came back from the town and there was a 'pak cik' driving so damn slow. Then guess what, I saw him talking to his phone. WTH!!!

Dude, do you think you are freaking awesome when you are talking to the phone while driving? NO!!!! That is what we call IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't have a handsfree, go and get them. They are cheap. If still you are such a stingy then tell those people who call you this:


Is it damn hard to say just a few words? Grrrr. >.<

Another thing, why people really love smsing while driving? Does it make you feel kind of proud of yourself because you can do so many things at that time? Hey, that is STUPID. Really STUPID.

If you still reluctant to not using phone while driving, then just go DIE!

Don't kill people ok. [peace]