Wednesday, December 8, 2010



kembali... and this is the story of second day~~~



let's start

nak start ape ye?


hahaha... saje nk memanjangkan post ni

ok2 let's really start

on my 2nd day, basically what i did is reading and reading and reading... TT___TT the whole morning was dedicated to read only... but sokeh lah since i got the review of the things that i should do for the next 8 months. and i found this note from 2008 senior... lucky me, at least i can have a review. reading all those thing on the desk is really tiring and boring because there are tons of terms that i never heard! see! quite hard. hope can see my senior soon lah... or else i'll die because of the boreness. T3T

heh, there are also tons of diagram you know. but i think i will understand it better if i can walk around and observe the real thing. and i'm thinking of doing that on my third day. so pray for me lah so i can do that at least before this week end. (x yah lah aku penat2 nak kna perah otak pikir ape nak letak dalam weekly report kan)

so, after that, luckily we were call into the meeting room. yeah... first project! nice2, feel so happy. even though it is just a campaign event, at least there is something i can do right! my first thought before came here is right. i better don't expect anything and just expect for the unexpected. and i was right. hahaha... good for me lah. so just wait till the date come and i'll tell about the event.

my other friends got to do the designing and ordering stuffs. basically logistic and promotion part lah. cool right. i need to work on the games and the booth. yup2... it's really like came back to my uni and start to do all those stuffs again and again. thank a lot to my uni for expose us with all those thing. tons of appreciation.

this week is just a week that i can enjoy being boring and enjoying here and there because once my senior come back, there are lots and lots of thing to do. let's hope it will be easy. so need to be well prepared before the new week come. again please pray for me yah.

ok2... dah penat pikir. tak nak tulis lagi dah. tunggu for the third day pulak. ok, adios and trimas~~~

i phone 4 - cantik bukan? hahaha

apple Imac - ini serius sape bagi kat aku mmg sgt2 lah aku appreciate org tuh... hahaha

p/s: skalik lagi aku saje nak berpoyo tunjuk gmbr kat akhir post... so cuci matalah ye. and sebelum terlupe gambar kat post ni ngan post before ni diambil dr google image. sekian.... trimas

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