Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Started Already?


on 6th December 2010 i started my first day of the internship.

nothing much happened. came early to the office. half day orientation, then another half day spent with the seniors in the office. got to know the staffs here and traveled around the place. filled up forms here and there. so basically it just a normal routine for new trainee on the first day.

my senior that suppose to guide me is on leave for a week so i guess there will be nothing much to do for the whole week. then my other senior discovered a note on his table. first unexpected thing. never thought of thing like this before. in the note, he said he left another message for me on the desktop. and guess what, it is a full 1 page length note! in that note, he leaved me some reminders and guides on what i should do on my first week during his leave. seems nothing much but quite a lot. haha.

from his note, i explored all the things that stated in the note and discovered a few things regarding my soon-to-be tasks. all about the manufacturing thingy. so i guess i'm a manufacturing engineer to-be.

oh, forgot to mention, they put me under liquid department, and my job scope is.... (still not clear but from the 'discovery' it seems like i'm gonna do inspection, control and stuff like that, maybe. just wait and see) then i only did some reading. and one more thing, my supervisor is superb busy on the first day so we only met her for a short time. then she passed us to our senior.

I think that's all from my first day. tonight i'll update about my 2nd day. just patiently wait for me yah! (^.~) ja ne.


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p/s: i know2, the pics are not representing the post... sokeh lah... just leave them there. they're cute what~~~

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