Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is Life That Difficult?


Is life that easy? it depends right? depends on how you take it and cope with it. if the paint is great, then you will end up great and be the second 'da vincci'. how about mine? right now, this particular seconds, honestly, it's a bit hard. i'm holding to much things. things that i should discuss. things that i should share. but i didn't. serve me right! haha

now i'm still in the phase of thinking whether i should discuss about it or not? ghiarghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I think i should, but the other side of me would said no. then which should i pick? yes or no? maybe both. that's even more pathetic. you can keep things that you can hold on. but please, don't keep anything that may affected your surroundings. you feel guilty, express it, you know you made a mistake, admit it. and you know you pissed someone off, then apologize. what the heck is wrong with you. come on, ego won't bring you anywhere, it's just making things worst.

Wake up and open your eyes, see all those mistakes that you shouldn't made. think about it. know it well. DON'T RUN! don't be a chicken. face any problem that you have. learn how to solve it. learn how to talk about it. don't make the other pissed off because of you. it's just stupid. really2 stupid. unacceptable. i'm not angry with anybody, but i'm angry with someone inside me who always told me to do wrong things and i let it conquered my own self. now i realize the real meaning of "your rival is your own self". it's true. i can't deny it. the most difficult thing is fighting your own self. your own ego. arghhhhh! it hard.

no matter how hard it is, i need to find a good way to solve any conflicts, problems or misunderstandings so that people around me can be happy and i'm not making them piss off. Ya Allah, please, give me the strength. the powerful strength that i can have to fight my own self. i'm begging you. please Allah...

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